Altai Beaming 

Producer and distributer of Siberian wild growing products

Pine Nuts • Buckwheat • Sea Buck Thorn

Grown in the wild region of Altai, and handpicked in the forest of the great Taiga

Who we are

We are engaged in the processing of natural raw materials collected in ecologically clean regions of Siberia. The main product of processing is the pine nut, Sea Buck-thorn berries and buckwheat flour, all manufactured and hand collected by the inhabitants of the Siberian villages. By distributing the natural raw materials of from Altai, we can create jobs for the local Siberians, as well as preserve the ecological balance of the ancient region of Altai. 


The region of Altai

Altai is nestled right between Siberian Taiga lands, Mongolian semi-deserts and Kazakh’s towering peaks. Its remoteness and secret regal beauty remain preserved because it cannot be damaged by the elements the modern world invites into many lands. It’s as if a shield of protection is rooted in its very soil.







Pine Nuts

Sea Buck Thorn


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